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I've had my iMac G5 for a little over a year now, and it's been running great, however, recently, I've been having a minor start up problem.

When I start up my machine in the mornings, it will stay at the gray screen, and eventually the fans will start spinning at full. I shut it off by holding down the power button, and try again. This time it goes to the apple, but the spinner at the bottom wont spin and it will roar its fan again. Then I will restart it again, and it will finally start up normal at its usual speed.

I decided to reformat, since Mac OS 10.4.4 was giving me low FPS rates in my games as well, I'm currently at 10.4.2, and my games are running great! But I still experience the start up problems in the morning. I end up getting my start up results, but it is annoying having to restart so many times. I've checked the hard drive and it hasn't given me any notifications of any errors, but I am sure the problem does exist somewhere with the harddrive.

I'll keep trying things out in the meantime, but any help would be appreciated.
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