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I've decided to purchase the Macbook pro, however, I am skeptical of this because I'm not a professional, just a college student who needs a powerful mac laptop and the powerbooks don't do it for me. Is apple going to release just a regular macbook for general use? Or does the "pro" even matter? Should I wait for them to release another version of the macbook, or go ahead and buy this one because all the ones released after will essentially be the same thing minus the professional look.

Also, as a gamer, mac's switching to intel will cause problems with playing the sims 2, etc. They've said they'll release patches for games so that they'll be intel compatible, but does anyone know when? And if released, will these games even play well on the macbook pro? I'm assuming they will, since it's a beast.

I'm thinking of buying the Macbook Pro, and watching what people say about it as my order prepares for the next month--can you cancel an order if you decide you don't want the computer?


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