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oh boy..i had a feeling someone was going to say that..okay..after i posted that from my friends computer i went home and tried to power it on once again..and it worked! but it is still making that sound's EXTREMELY hot..where I need to turn it off..oh no..I don't have a back-up drive..any way I can put my files on my iPod? We had a horrible blizzard here this weekend so the box didn't get shipped to me yet..26 inches in 24 hours! it should be here tomorrow..sorry for using the wrong Mac lingo lol..I know any part of a computer can go at any time..but is there a more than likely reaosn my HD is going even though it's only been a year?

EDIT: to answer the question about what I was doing when the kernal panic happened: I was just turning it on..this happens to be my 3rd or 4th kernal panic since I got this computer..also..for the past few months before this problem, my screen has been going black ( just an illuminated black screen)..was that also an indication that my HD was going..or is that most likely a completely different problem? Thanks-DV
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