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I know you can still get Photoshop dirt cheap, but in your situation I would go with a MacBook Pro.

The burner is twice as fast, so even if you aren't burning dual-layer discs, it only goes at 4x, while the PowerBooks run at 8x.

The PowerBook also ships with FireWire 800 and S-Video outs. If you do eventually need FireWire 800, you will need an Express Card, which (when they come out) will probably cost nearly $100. The DVI-S-Video Adapter is $20 from Apple.

The PowerBook also has a built-in modem. While you may not think you'll need one, imagine the mother-in-laws house. She still uses AOL. Do you honestly think she'll have a wireless network or ethernet throughout the house?

Also, it's not like support will just die for the PowerBooks once software for the Intel's starts to ship. Programs will use "Universal Bianaries", which will run on both Intel and PowerPC processors.

So really, why the need for the MacBook Pro? The only advantage is Front Row (buggy) and a built-in iSight (do you really do a lot of video conferencing?).

I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.
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