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How are Canon SLR users getting Photoshop Full versions for $299.00. I'm very interested to know this information.

Photoshop CS "3" might not come out for some time. And a second or third version of the MacBook Pro won't be out for a much more time than CS3.

Also, its not just filters that load slow. There's quite a few processes that are slower while running with Rosetta.

Dual Layer burning comes in handy more than I thought. Even though my Super Drive wasn't dual layer in the first place (flashed my firmware to make it DL). I'm happy I did t too. Burns faster and I can burn dual DL discs. Comes in handy quite a bit. Especially when I do not want to sacrifice a great movie because of compression. Just my thoughts on it anyway.

Have you thought about any other Mac options that are available? There's quite a few out there for your needs. Not just a MacBook Pro. If you're going to invest that much money on a product. Wouldn't you want it to be exactly what you expect it to be and do?

Really though, if you want the MacBook Pro then go for it. We're just giving you our thoughts, opinons and stats because you asked. If you really do have your heart set on a MacBook Pro, go try one out with Photoshop CS2 installed on it. Talk to someone at an Apple store and I'm sure they'd help you out more than we might be able to.

If you can, let me know how Canon SLR users can get full versions of Photoshop for that low price. I'm all for saving some cash.


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