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but for me:
I would never burn DL anyways, the disks are more than 5X expensive, so, id rather just have 2 single layer dvds at the same price anyways! I doubt I would ever have a user for fire wire 800. the only use for the 400 is my ipod, but that could run on USB also. The universal stuff I agree on, I am not purchasing it now anyways. I will purchace it anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months from now probably. Photoshop is the only thing right now that I need that is not universal, but it will be universal soon enough anyways, a couple extra seconds of loading for photoshop filters wont hurt me, especially with the gain of all the other speed I will have.

So, I mean, photoshop isnt less powerful, it is just slower for a couple months until CS3. Cost isnt an issue for purchasing Photoshop or the upgrades, becasue Canon SLR users get the FULL version for $299, and the upgrade for even less I think.
Soo... its not THAT bad...
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