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If you process your photos digitally and use PhotoShop CS2 I wouldn't bother one bit with a MacBook Pro. Although emulated through Rosetta (sp) it will be extremely slow to do many simple tasks in PSCS2. In my opinion I would really hold off on the MacBook Pro until later versions. Or go for another type of Mac.

Adobe will not be making a "Universal" version either. They're going to wait until they're ready to release a new version.

There's an article in the latest (March) Macworld magazine titled "The Intel Mac FAQ" which may be helpful. I would check that out.

This link is helpful: Also research it a bit more before you are dead set and do pick up the MacBook Pro.

As for colors, I can not tell you what they are like on the MacBook Pro. But I can tell you on my Dual PowerMac G5 and its 20 inch Cinema Display. And to be completely honest and straight forward... It looks great. When Im working on photos I can distinguish and blemishes, bad colors in photos and anything like that easily. Most of my work is done in RAW as I do a lot or architectural photography. But I'm very pleased with the colors in the display.

Just trying to give you some helpful advice. Hope it does help some.

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