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I used to build my own PCs at home. But I've decided i'm fed up with microsoft, and really do like apple's OS. So, I decied, if i was going to make a change in operating systems. Now was the time. I have decided on a Mac Book Pro. As you could imagine switching was a big decision for me!

Anyways, I am a photographer (not pro) but own a Canon 20D DSLR. So I do run photoshop with big files.... sometimes in excess of 100Mbs (ones with a lot of layers... or 32bit). But for the most part they are 5-20 Mbs. I use photoshop CS2 and know that it will work emulated until "CS2" most probably.

So on to physical hardware.

A1) Is the 1.83GHZ a big advantage over 1.67GHZ?

A2) Is it worth it?

B) If i were to go with the 1.83, should I have 1gb (512x2), or just one stick. I know that in PCs, sometimes two sticks are better because they can dual-channel. Does this apply to Macs too? Or would 1Gb be enough probably through out the ownership of this macbook pro.

C) How is the color? This question is more aimed at other photographers, but, are the colors on the screen preaty accurate?

Any other info is appreciated!

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