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So I finally brought myself to buy a Macintosh. I went out and picked up a Intel (Duo) 17" iMac with Applecare; so far I'm definately digging it.

I do have a few questions, however, that weren't found when I did searches on the forums:

1. I left my PC on 24/7 (restarting or shutting down for a few hours every 2-3 days), is that okay for the Mac or is it just better to shut it down at night?

2. My computer came with 512mb RAM, I just bought another 1gb stick from; will this extra 1gb really make a noticeable difference (because right now I'm seeing mediocre performance in World of Warcraft and multi-tasking on the desktop)?

3. As far as Peer-to-Peer goes, what do you guys use? If P2P talk is prohibited on this forum, disregard this question.

That's it! Other than those 3 little questions, I'm totally loving this new computer and I really dont see why anyone uses PCs anymore (other than compatibility issues)

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