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Certainly, if you're looking at FCP and the Pro Apps, especially in relation to Video Editing and so on, the iBook won't be enough power for you (in any sense).
The MacBook Pro is no doubt a great Notebook and although I am unsure as to whether they will update it, atleast in the next few months, as the other guys were saying a Universal Binary Version of FCP and other Pro Apps will no doubt be available in the next few months. So for me, I'm not sure whether buying the Notebook now or in a few months really differs a great deal. That said, if you're a college student too (like I am), I'd consider the Powerbook seriously. Fact is, it's still a great Notebook, the universal binaries will be made for years to come and Apple have substantially dropped the prices on those boxes, if I recall correctly. So really, for quite a few hundred bucks less, you might be better off going for a Powerbook and whats more, it will run your Pro Apps now, not in a few months.

Whatever you decide, Good luck with your new Mac ^_^
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