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While I can't tell you about the Apple stores, I'm gonig to guess they'll do it the same as the online Store.

The online store has a choice of either upgrading to 1 Gig by either adding another 512 stick, or taking out the initial 512 stick and putting in a 1 Gig stick. The later option costs twice as much.

In all honesty, it's not hard at all to replace memory sticks. It all depends on where they are. I don't know the lay out of the computer in question, but it shouldn't be hard to find. You pop open the system and ground yourself, you don't want to mess up your computer, and then pop the old one out. Put the new one in, and lock it.

When your system starts up it should automaticly read it as part of the system. Granted I've only done it on PC computers/laptops.

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This is going to sound stupid, but I mean I just ordered my first Mac and it's not here yet (MacBook Pro). If Macs don't take any "special" memory past the usual classifications then you're probably saving yourself a whole $20 (sorry I don't know the conversion), well if you go for a big brand name, in instal if you just buy it afterwards and instal it yourself.

No biggy. Also, it shouldn't void your warranty. Though, if you fry your memory because you didn't ground yourself, while a slim chance, you're not gonna get money back for that.
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