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I think that the best advice for you hasn't even been given yet: You should WAIT to buy the computer until you really, really need to have it. If you're going to be a film student this summer, that gives Apple three whole months to release new products and to sort out the inevitable bugs that the MacBook Pro will have.

Give it a few months and see if you get lucky; Apple might release an Intel iBook, release more MacBook Pro's in other sizes and configurations, etc. There's some strong industry speculation that the Intel iBook will debut in March in 13.3" widescreen format and will deliver in April. That's just speculation, but if you've got a few months to wait, you might as well see if it pans out before shelling out for a potentially buggy $1999 MacBook.

I do agree with everyone that the current iBook won't suit your film student needs. It's not powerful enough.
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