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Whoa now..

Before jumping on the MacBook Pro bandwagon, take a look at *all* the software you'll be using. Anything not compiled for Intel yet (ie, not a universal binary) will be *very* slow on intel based Macs.

I see that Final Cut Pro was menioned, and indeed it does have a universal binary verion available.

The big question here is what software will you have available to you. Are you going to load FCP from a student version, does that version have a universal binary, if the school doesnt have the student version universal binary can you get an upgrade for whatever version you buy.

You also need to look at other software you're going to use. For example, if you're going to need Office, it does not have a unviversal binary out yet.

Speed is very important on video editing software, and if you wind up trying to run FCP under Rosetta emulation I think you'll have a tough time doing any kind of video editing.

Given the cost of PowerBooks and MacBooks vs iBooks, and the uncertainty with universal binaries, an iBook might be a safer choice. For the price of a PowerBook or MacBook, you can buy a G4 iBook this year and an intel iBook next year.
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