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Well, first off, my PowerBook has been a great computer. I still love it!

Ok, to start with my problem... My powerbook always seems to get hot, but one night, I was up all night typing a paper. My desk was cluttered with books and reserch papers, and I think that my PB wasn't really getting good air flow. All of a sudden, the computer practically stopped responding. It took me about an hour to save my work and shut down, then it took it another hour and a half to start back up into a usable state. I did look at the temp mon before I turned it off and it was like 175 degrees!

That was about 6 months ago, since then, my computer has never been quite the same. It's now a little slower, and I am frequently having programs close. I am wondering if maybe I have software problems or if the heat could have gotten to my computer. (lol can't stand the heat!)

Maybe someone could advise me.
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