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Hi everyone, I have three questions about my ibook clamshell. I am relatively new to the Mac OS (About 3 months experience lol) I bought an iMac G5 to replace my burned out Windows Laptop, I was so impressed with the Mac OS that I decided to get a laptop for when I travel around the college. (All the computer specs are in my profile) My budget was tight, so I ended up buying a Tangerine Clamshell iBook from ebay. I've had it less than a day and I love it so far, My two questions concern expanding it:

1) I don't want to risk tampering with the already full 3 gig HD (It has Panther 10.3.9 on it), so I want to get an external HD. Since this is the original ibook it only has a USB 1 port. Can anyone recommend a decent model for me? Something in the 10gig-30gig range.

2) I want to install some programs like Microsoft Word, Itunes etc but there is only 400 mb free on the HD. Can an ibook read and use a programs like Word from an external HD? Also can ibooks use external dvd drives?

3) I want to transfer a lot of essays, mp3s etc from my iMac to the Clamshell. What's the best way to do this? Usb cables?

Thanks for your help in advance, I really appreciate it!
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