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Just got through glancing at this:

which makes it look that Apple might have something really cool up their sleeves. Perhaps a tablet that uses an accelerometer as an input device. Highlights from the article:

Depending on the particular embodiment of the invention, the patent states that an accelerometer may be used:

° To detect a movement of a portable device as a way to trigger whether a page of document or image may be displayed.

° In a gaming application, where the accelerometer may be used to detect a scene change during a video game running within a portable device.

° In a navigation application. For example, a portable device having an accelerometer attached therein may be used as a navigation tool to navigate a relatively large object or document that normally cannot be displayed entirely at once within a display of the portable device.

° To determine whether a portable device is moving (e.g., carried by a user) and the portable device should be put in a proper operating state (e.g., a sleep or hibernated mode).

° To detect whether a portable device is moved according to certain directions, in order to determine whether a password is entered correctly.

° To detect and record a sequence of movements of a portable device, where the recorded movement data may be used to recreate the moving history subsequently (e.g., off line).

° To detect and determine activities of a user (e.g., joggling) with a portable device having the accelerometer attached therein. [Hmm, is that a typo or the patent writer’s sense of humor?]

° To detect a movement of a portable device and an orientation of the portable device may be determined based on the movement data provided by the accelerometer. Thereafter, one or more interfaces of the portable device may be activated or deactivated based on the determined orientation after the movement.
Maybe some time, if ever, before such a device is released. But doesn't it sound cool?
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