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That's funny, I though PC's had the problems...kidding. I design on Mac's but the problems are mostly differences in browsers, not OS's.
There is one difference though, a big one, Mac's gamma is 72 dpi screen resolution. Windows is 94 (I think) so, when designing ON PC, and all your text looks will look to small on Mac's...if you have specified sizes that is. In other words, without writing a book here.... There is a size difference in text and images (sometimes).
Mostly, IE doesn't play well with others though. It's almost as if someone planned it that way.
The Mac version of IE hardly works anymore. So, I normally check clients pages in Safari, Firefox and lastly on IE on the Mac side. There are even differences in browser versions so you really just have to do the best you can to settle on a design that works across both platforms.
It's a give and take thing.
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