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I am trying to connect my eMac wirelesly to the internet
First of all: is it possible?
I have a 1GHz G4 emac with OSX 10.4.4, will it be possible to connect it wiresly. I am not sure if this machines have the network cards build in (how can I check it?)

Second question (if the first option will not work).

I have a DSL connection at home. My PC laptop is connected wirelesly. I am trying to connect my MAC but have no phone plugs in the room where Mac is located. I am trying to connected it by using two wireles modems. First will be connected to the phone line, second will kind of transmit/carry the signal and from there I could use a cable to connect it to my Mac. Is this doable and how would I set it up?

Any help will greatly appreciated - thanx
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