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Ok guys i need your help. I need to know for sure if there is something wrong with my display or not, cause this is driving me crazy.

The left side of my screen is slightly darker then the right side. This is ONLY noticable on pure white backgrounds that span the entire screen. Most sane people would probably never notice this, let alone complain about it. So please look closely.

I need you to tell me if your 12'' iBook g4 is the same way. darkness on the left side is from top to bottom, and acts as kind of a gradient as it brightens toward the right side. Again, very faint and near impossible to notice.

Please only reply is you have a 12'' g4 ibook, as any other would be a different screen and irrelevent.

I've created a wallpaper for myself to demonstrate this. To me, the white on the left looks very slightly darker then the white on the right.

Maybe im just picky, but please tell me if yours is the same way
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