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I had to return 2 Power PC G5s and my first Ipod Mini i had to return 3 times and i have only been using mac products for nearly 3 year.
In my whole 15 years using PCs i have had one video card failure and killed 2 power supplies(my fault not getting powerfull enough ones). So in short they can both have faulty products i mean why do they have Apple care if the Macs are so bullet proof?

As for the OS in the end they get the same result but in differant ways!!
Yes Windows XP is looking out dated these days (it needs a coat of paint) but it still does everything you want!! Vista is on the way so Windows will be looking up to date by then.

As for MAC OSX, well what can i say, brilliant!! it looks so cool and is really pleasing to use but it still dont do anything the PC cannot do.

Had a play with I life 06 today!!! Drool!! its da bomb! lol
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