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Hmmm wow.. here we go now.. I already confessed that Im a mac switcher in a mac forum and already little debates spring up. First and formost let me lead off by saying, PC and Mac experiences vary by the user. now I have had my PCs for well over 10 years plus. granted I had to format and do troubleshooting on them from time to time. but I took care of my PCs and thankfully never had them crash out of the blue. My mac for the short time I've had it has been the same as well. now for my history working in a PC/Mac repair shop. I have seen macs bomb out of the box from apple. I have seen manufacturing defects (5 in a row mind you at one point) in new Powermac G5s. I have delt with many recalled and extended warranty service calls for logic boards, batteries and LCD screens. Of course I have had similar problems with PCs. my point is Apples are not above the law. they do break, they do crash, but just like PC users, Apple users stick by them and remain loyal. Before anyone says anything about pc users switching, there are plenty of mac users going the other way.

As far as the general working of the OS. Well they are very similar. where does a mac install an application without a shortcut on the dock or the desktop (Harddrive\application folder) where does a PC install an app not on the desktop or the start menu (harddrive\program files). There is a handy little bar at the bottom of PCs that can be set up very similar to the Mac dock. There is a control panel in PCs and a System Prefernces in mac. there is a power button, a mouse and a keyboard. The colors of the OS may be diffrent, the 'feel' of the OS may be diffent, but they are the same... How do you uninstall an app from a mac? sometimes you have just trash the app from the applications folder. sometimes you load up the cd and there is an uninstaller. sometimes ... well you get the picture. How do you do it on a PC? control panel, add remove programs. or goto the startmenu and there is an uninstalled for the app. or you load the CD or.. again you get the idea.

Now for my finnal point and listen well oh ye mac zelots. We enjoy a virus free and spyware free life. enjoy it while it lasts. Macs were not popluar in the past, so there was now shock and awe in writing a virus so the hackers never bothered. but Steve Jobs has done a wonderful campaing to boost mac sales and get apple back in to the mainstream. However now apple is going to be a prime target, especially switching to an intel platform. So be warned. But I hope that I am wrong on this.
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