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Macs and Windows machines are basically the same thing.... they are tools to provide an end result.

I got my first Mac for Christmas from my husband and he was more than reluctant to buy it for me. I had never even seen an iBook up close. If you go to a coffee shop or the library here in Northern Indiana.........its all Windows. I am an oddity now (and I love it BTW).

I would love to see Macs become part of the mainstream here, they are beautiful machines! Unfortunately you can't go to Best Buy, Circuit City or the local mall and see one. I think that hurts Apple. Perhaps if Macs were more visible and easier to buy then Apple may actually have more of the personal computer market share. Until then, Windows will rule the world.

Macs do not have viruses, that is a big plus.. But, they do crash! And whenever my little iBook wakes up from sleep, it cannot find my home network for ages unless I reboot. This is only a minor annoyance for me, mostly because I love to work on a Mac now!
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