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Its the old more is better. thats all i hear today is this fast enough should i get 1.5ghz or 1.6ghz ext. Most people dont use the full power of there computers infact i will go so far as to say 98% of people who buy the most powerful computers dont use more than half of the computers ability. It depends on what you want to do if 1ghz is slow or not. I will say i used to use a 233mhz powerbook which ran the internet and word great. If you are just using it for basic tasks like most people do like Itunes,Ipod,email,word,internet,iphoto then a 1ghz ibook is plenty fast. What i have come to find out for basic tasks 1ghz in the mac world is plent fast its about equal to having a P4 2ghz in the PC land i cant tell a difference in speed using basic applications. The main thing i would look at in buying a Mac is to have at least a minimum of 512mb or ram.
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