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Hey, I recently pre-ordered a MacBook Pro due to my love for the Tiger O.S. and the beauty of everything that is Apple. A couple weeks later I realised how much my Girlfriend needs a laptop too...I didn't get her anything for Xmas, shes been very good to me, and Valentines day is coming up.

So basically what I am saying is I have limited money due to my Macbook purchase... about $700 USD, my girl fell in love with the Tiger O.S. at the Apple store, so I want to buy her an inexpensive Apple laptop.

I found some Apple iBook laptops on ebay that are around 800MHz - 1GHz processor frequency range. Bad thing is they only have 133MHz FSB. Do these Processors do more per clock cycle than Pentiums, or are these too slow? Should I buy her a Dell Inspiron 6000 instead?
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