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I recently purchased an iSight webcam for use with my powermac (specs at left.) I am running OS X 10.4.4 and iChat AV 3.1.1. When I plugged in my webcam, updated the firmware automatically, and I shut the mac off and booted back up just for good measure.

Now the iSight works fine with iMovie HD, I can see things and record video and sound. It also works as a microphone in system prefs --> sound.

However, the camera refuses to work with iChat AV! When I try to access it in the "Preferences" pane, it merely says "You camera is in use by another application". The only problem is, iChat is the only application running! (aside from finder and dashboard.) I even tried getting rid of all my dashboard widgets, just in case one of them was tripping it up somehow.

Going through all the troubleshooting on Apple's website has revealed nothing new. The camera works, iChat just refuses to believe it. I fail to see the point of sending the iSight in, since there appears to be nothing wrong with the hardware.

I've tried everything I can think of. Your turn: I would appreciate any suggestions...

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