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Originally Posted by chuckalicious
livebig, that is true, however....

as many people have pointed out, at the moment, pretty much all software for the new Intel Macs is emulated, so won't be harnessing the full power of the new notebook. Chances are it'll be many many months, or longer, before Intel specific apps come out that can use the full power of the MacBook. Plus, as has been proven quite a few times, the first revisions of Mac hardware seem to be buggy/faulty. Maybe this will be different.

If you can afford the MacBook and want to take the risk of getting in first, then go for it, I think it will have a long lifespan.

However there is suggestion that the iBooks won't be getting updated until nearer 2007, so as usual, buy now and it'll be out of date soon enough, buy later, and it may be worth it, but it may not, there still may be something better by that time.....
There's also the whole "Universal Binary" thing. So even if apps are Intel compatible, the majority will also support the PowerPC.

I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.
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