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Originally Posted by christophermac
ok, thanks... I'll have to go to those websites. I wasn't aware that there was support for the older clamshell ibooks, since I really don't know anybody in person who owns one besides me, and apple kind of frowns at them (I guess since it is older and they want me to buy a new computer lol)
Actually I found the dealers in Calgary Alberta Canada to be really good. In particulare Westworld on Center Street. I go there every time I get to Calgary (2-4 times a year) and I know most of them by name. Anyways, I bought my Clamshell from a reletive and it has OSX 10.2.8 installed and runiing with a 128meg card. I had read about putting in a 512 and talked to Westworld. They had not done one but were willing to do it for me. Installed the 512 rebooted and then they took it to the back and did some more tests and said it was fine, so mine is now 576 meg of ram. Found it made a big difference. But the main thing is their service has been very good for anything I have needed. If I do need anything done I ship it overnight and they send it back the same way.

Larry Zasitko
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