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Originally Posted by christophermac
I am on a blueberry ibook with a small 3 gb hard drive. I know that it takes a lot of work to install a new one and Apple won't do it for me. Did anybody ever try to install a new hard drive on a tangerine or blueberry clamshell ibook? How much would that run (hard drive + installation).

Thanks for any help on this topic!

The following site, has a page or two on how to swap hard drives. has a manual on how to dis-assemble the clamshell for sale, once paid you could opt to download it. I have it and it is well worth the $10 that I paid for it. They also do repairs so might be able to install it for you.

One company that will for sure is Scroll way down to the very bootom of the page and there is a small line that says iBook harddrive upgrade service, click on it and it will go to anther page that shows a clamshell, click on it and it will open a page with prices. Not sure how up to date this is but wise to check. I gather that they install it and will transfer all your existing data onto the new drive etc.

Larry Zasitko
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