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No the ExpressCard/34 is designed to be a portable PCI-E adapter... it's way faster than FW800... 250 Megabytes compared to FW800-800 Megabits. 1 byte = 8 bits...

Enter ExpressCard, a smaller, faster, cheaper solution. ExpressCard will have the theoretical maximum throughput to transfer data at a whopping 250 MBps (actually, 500 MBps total; 250 MBps to the computer in one direction and 250 MBps to the card in the other). This is in comparison to the now seemingly sluggish 132-MBps PC Card standard.

ExpressCard's throughput is ideal for video transfers and uncompressed files. To compare it with throughputs you're familiar with: Gigabit Ethernet has a throughput of 125 MBps, FireWire 800 (seen only in new Apple notebooks so far) runs at 100 MBps, and USB 2.0 can reach 60 MBps.

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