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Originally Posted by rocknrollvideo
I just puchased a new 17" Powerbook about a month ago. I have DVD Studio Pro 2 and Final Cut along with Phototshop running at any one given time. I notice the fan every now and again. The video is very taxing on the processor. But don't worry about it. I hardly notice the fan anymore. Load some music into itunes and play it real loud when you hear the fan. lol

I also notice when I am watching video full screen that the fan kickcs in.

I am a first time MAC buyer and very very impressed with what I have bought.

By the way I purchased the Apple care extended warranty for my powerbook. I registered it on-line. I thought I would get confirmation in the snail mail or by e-mail. Has anyone else done it this way and have you recieved any confirmation of registration.

Toronto, Canada
it takes them a while to get the confirmation of the apple care out to you, but they do mail you a letter basically confirming it.

I have never heard my powerbook's fan come on. Now granted, I have a lot of other noise in my room from my PCs but when i use it outside of my room I never hear it. I can normally feel the fan running because of where i use the mouse is right next to my side exhaust vent. Just for reference, I have a Titanium running panther.
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