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Is Office 2004 file compatible with Office 2003(Windows)?

Can I logon as different users? (i.e. no shared profiles, each user has their own desktop enviroment?)

Both myself and my partner have iPods and a couple of digital cameras (EOS300D and Cybershot's) which I assume will work without problem in any app (Photoshop or Elements).
I don't think you'll have any problems with that

How good is Virtual PC at running things like Visual Studio?
Virtual PC sucks for just about everything

Can I use VNC/Remote desktop to still give me a wintel box for those things that just don't work?
Yes, VNC works really well.

The bulk of the use will be in the home focusing on email, calender, iTunes, photos etc with maybe a little of my work on xsd's. I'm currently looking at a 1.4Ghz Mac Mini as this is only an experiment to see how I get on - will this have sufficent memory and clock cycles to cope with the bulk of the tasks outlined about?
It'll be usable, probably seem a bit slow if going from a decent P4/A64 PC. I would go with 1GB RAM

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