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Hi all,

I am currently thinking about jumping into the mac world but would like a couple of Q's answered first.

I am an ex-programmer who is now in middle management and thus do not need to code for the wintel platform at the moment - most of my work is in the XML/XSLT/XSD/XMI space and I use Eclipse and XML Spy for most of my work. I know that both are avalible for Mac's but wonder if the plugins used for Eclipse are the same for both platforms?

I still run a W2k3 domain with a couple of websites, file share and Exchange 2003, I know that the web and fileshares will work but will Office 2004 allow me to use the full groupware parts of exchange (i.e. calender/contacts as well as mail)?

Is Office 2004 file compatible with Office 2003(Windows)?

Can I maintain the roles and usernames that I currently use on the domain? (all photos, music, documents etc are stored on the server so that they are backed up) - can I still use mapped paths?

Can I logon as different users? (i.e. no shared profiles, each user has their own desktop enviroment?)

Both myself and my partner have iPods and a couple of digital cameras (EOS300D and Cybershot's) which I assume will work without problem in any app (Photoshop or Elements).

The office printers are setup on the w2k3 box and are shared, I assume that I can connect ok.

How good is Virtual PC at running things like Visual Studio?

Can I use VNC/Remote desktop to still give me a wintel box for those things that just don't work?

The bulk of the use will be in the home focusing on email, calender, iTunes, photos etc with maybe a little of my work on xsd's. I'm currently looking at a 1.4Ghz Mac Mini as this is only an experiment to see how I get on - will this have sufficent memory and clock cycles to cope with the bulk of the tasks outlined about?

As I live in London I am trying to get into the store to ask the same questions to the Genius's but every time they are rammed to the gills
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