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Sigh, as per many other posts, I spilled something on my keyboard. In this case it was soup.

I am also an extra idiot, because instead of turning it off right away, I left it on while I cleaned it (there wasn't much).

I am hoping I just hit a bad combination of keys, because now, when I try to type on it, it hits multiple keys, in a set pattern:

If I hit t, it enters 5tgb. If I hit 5, g, or b, the same thing happens.
3edc, 4rfv, and similar combinations. I hesitated to do so, but shut off the computer to see if unplugging then plugging in the keyboard as well as turning it off might do the trick. No such luck, and now I can't put in my password (it doesn't let you delete characters in the order I would need to).

Is there a key combination that can fix this?!
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