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in most computers and laptops there is a fan, which usealy is on low speeds, but kicks it into high gear when you are using a lot op cpu power
i seems that with the apple PB alu (i got one too, for about a month now), there is a fan, but is is of, untill the PB gets to hot, then it activates
but, in comparison to regular pc's and notebooks, it's a very quiet one

and idd, the alu frame draws a lot of heat (i could burn my finger on some parts of the frame, because my PB is always on 100 % load = more heat)

i used to have is on a separate pc table, end then the fan kicked in rather often
but now it is on my main desk, wood surface, and the fan almost never kicks in anymore, because the desk seems to drams some of the heat to (quiet convenient :-) )
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