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I've been searching high and low for this program (if it exists), so I thought what better place than here to ask. Here is my question:

I design websites and when they are complete, they appear to be perfect on windows IE/Mozilla/Opera (spacing/alignment/text etc.).. but when I view the sites through a mac.. ibook,imac,G4.. whatever.. there is always something that is off.. or isnt right.. and I was wondering.. seeing I do not own a mac.. is there a program for windows that I can VIEW my sites through (browser?) and I can see the problems mac's have with them.. so I can fix them without travelling to an actual mac to see.. know what I mean? just wants a heads up before my sites go live for customers.. because a lot of them do indeed use mac's.. and i never really know what the problems are until I view them on a mac.. i hope someone knows the answer

gimme me a shout if ya do


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