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Well, ironically enough, you could sell the entire machine for parts for around the $300 mark. Or if you have a lot of patience, you could probably get more by parsing it out part-by-part.

But do consider this: The two things that can go most wrong in a Mac and that cost the most money to fix have ALREADY happened to you. If you replaced the HD already and the logic board will be replaced by Apple, there's a good chance that your machine will be okay for a long time to come. It's very unusual to hear about people with TWO logic board failures or TWO hard drive failures.

If you're truly disgusted with the thing, you might also consider getting it fixed THEN selling it as a working machine with the 90 day parts and labor warranty that will come out of the Apple Flat-Rate Repair. If the prices look good on Ebay (meaning that you'd recover the cost of repair and then some) then maybe that's the best option financially.
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