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A friend came round last night sporting his new 15" aluminium powerbook. I am planning to buy one soon and was glad of the live preview. I have to say that it is a very sexy machine. But he said it was noisy as he turned it on. Although I didn't think it was that noisy, it seemed that there was a fan running and it was making a bit of noise. I pointed out that an equivalent pee cee would probably sound like an aircraft in comparison.

I was just wondering what the deal is with fan in the 15" albook. I was under the impression (wrongly apparently) that there was no fan, the aluminium casing drew the heat away from the chips more efficiently and therefore it was quiet as a mouse. Although I wouldn't describe my friends powerbook as really noisy, it was definitely noisier than an ibook and even a titanium pb. :rolleyes:
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