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i-Book/G4/1.3/OS X Tiger

I am trying to import my contacts from my web-based (Earthlink) e-mail client. As per the instructions, I exported the contacts to my computer as .csv files and then imported them with Mac 'Mail' When I do it, it shows all of the contacts to be imported, but after I click the import button, I get nothing. I even tried the same technique with Entourage and got several hundred empty contacts.

What am I doing wrong?

I also went to Hotmail, but they don't even appear to offer the option to export their contacts from the web-based client. (how very 'MicroSoft'). Is that true, or did I just overlook the option.

Anyway, If there is something I am doing that I can correct, it would wonderful. I can't imaging entering all of my contacts manually. I lost the originals when I did my upgrade. (my fault)

Thanks in advance,

Den Gleason
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