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Originally Posted by to_tough_to_die
Ok, so I just got back my PowerBook (it's all fixed now). The invoice totalled $1313.13 (Whoa, guess it added-up pretty nicely). Luckily it was in-warranty, but if it were out of warranty, even if you take out $250 for Applecare, it would save you $1063.13.

I don't know about you, but to me that seems like A LOT of money.
Actually, Apple offers a flat-rate repair service for out-of-warranty machines. I also got a $1300 repair from Apple (logic board/top case/hard drive), but I paid $322 for flat-rate out of warranty service. Yes, it took a few days longer because Apple prioritizes AppleCare repairs, but think of it this way: there are probably a hundred suckers out there who bought AppleCare and never used it for everyone like me who paid an extra $72 to get my Powerbook repaired by Apple. So that's $2500 down the drain compared to an occasional $72 in extra flat-rate repair charges. It's just an odds game.

That isn't to say that AppleCare is a waste of cash. If you travel with your machine or you're very hard on it or you want your machine back as fast as possible when it breaks, then AppleCare is probably a deal. For me and the things I use my Powerbook for, it was a gamble worth taking NOT to buy AppleCare, given the fact that the one flat-rate service I got was probably the only service I'll need in my machine's first three years. It's already rounded the two-year bend, after all.
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