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That is going to be a VERY expensive repair, and VERY difficult to execute yourself. Not impossible, but if you've never done it before, it'll be tough. And the parts may literally cost you half or 75% as much as the original purchase price.

I agree with the previous poster that you should look into homeowner's or renter's insurance or credit card coverage, which might cover the replacement. If that doesnt' work out, then I suggest that you consider selling the entire thing for parts on Ebay, which should get you about $400 back.

If you insist on trying it yourself (again, very bad idea!), you can locate the parts (for reference) at, although they are slightly overpriced. But it's a good site to "see" the parts at for the first time and they'll show you the instructions you'd have to follow to make all the replacements. Once you know what the parts are called, you could Google for them, or try to find them through Mac repair facilities. Or, as another poster has mentioned, you could try to find a broken Powerbook on Ebay, buy that, and use those parts.

Speaking of repair facilities, if you decide that you don't want to do this yourself, a joint like or will probably do it (again, for an exhorbitant charge.)
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