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Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
Now, if they jacked up the magnetic force to the absolute maximum level, then let your PowerBook sit under it and "cook" for say like....2-3 hours....then maybe, just maybe, the magnetic field generated would cause some damage to the HD.
This is very true...I've been told that ruining the data on a harddrive (with its case intact) would require a magnet more powerful than most people have access to, or a magnetic field more powerful than most devices can generate.

Basically, as, Devilboy, put it, you'd have to let your harddrive bathe in a relatively strong magnetic field (in an MRI or CT machine at your local hospital's radiology department, maybe) for hours on end, or I guess you could take it down to the nearest junkyard & stick it to that giant electromagnet that lifts cars.

But as for the 15-second trip through the airport x-ray machine, you have nothing to worry about.
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