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Very new to this forum and new to working with video on my mac. Just purchased Sony DCR PC 330 mini dv handicam and used it as a pass thru analog to digital in order to put some old 8mm/vhs stuff to DVD.

Made some fun titles, etc, in iMovie3, then exported project to a quicktime movie, then imported the quick time movie to iDVD2, as I don't yet own iDVD3. When I went to burn the 1 hr 13 minute movie in iDVD2, found out that burning the silly dvd would take about 738 minutes. Is this normal? This is my first attempt at burning anything and it's killin' me to wait 12 hrs or so just to find out I made a coaster!

Other it imperative that I purchase iLife for the iDVD3?

I've spent the day reading posts around here for some of these answers and I've heard Toast mentioned more than a few times. What is it? Why is it so good? Does it come with a good manual?

Would love to hear all your opinions on the above.

Thanks in advance.

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