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I've got an ibook g3 900 that has been working just great for almost two years now. This morning my wife tells me its broken. Sure enough, when I try to start it up, I get a startup chime and nothing else. I made sure the brightness was turned up and tried pinging it to see if it was responding on the network. No luck. Here's what I tried so far and the results:

-ibook does the startup chime, but then there is no sign of activity
-PRAM reset didn't help
-PMU reset got the system to boot but there were horizontal flickering lines, which turned to a garbled screen
-Quick Apple Hardware test and Extended Hardware test showed now problems.
-Rebooted again, and this time the system booted up OK, but the trackpad and USB mice did not work at all
-rebooted again. Was never able to get anything more than a startup chime, even after multiple PMU and PRAM resets

PMU reset sometimes results in a low tone that sounds like an error tone. When this happens, the LED sleep light rapidly flashes and then nothing happens.

This sounds like a case of a logic board gone bad from what I've read at

Is the repair program still going on? If not, I should be OK because I've got a 3 year warranty with Microcenter. I think I'll go there - they are an AASP and should cover it either way.

Also, what does that error tone and rapidly flashing LED mean? I checked the apple KB and google, but couldn't find anything.
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