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Originally Posted by lsutiger123
i think I have internet sharing enabled on the mac. i just bought it a few weeks ago and it is my first mac, so i am not too familiar with it. i am not too familiar with IP addresses either. I do not know much about wireless networking, but I am confused as to why it is giving me an excellent connection signal but not letting the internet work. also the HSCI is just the type of password I choose, that should not have anything to do woth it
I'm completely new to the Mac scene, but in general, an IP address is much like your street address, it tells everyone where you live and it allows the post office to find you and deliver your mail. With computers the IP address is assigned by a DHCP server which allows you to connect to your local gateway for internet access. It sounds like the HSCI is similar to a WEP key for a traditional wireless router, you can connect, but you cannot obtain an ip address or connect to the gateway to get online. The other thing is, it may be connecting, but there is no DHCP server to assign addresses to your computers. Without an assigned address you won't be able to connect to the outside world.
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