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OK I have a new iMac G5. I am conneted to the land Ethernet. I went to the airport icon at the top of the screen and created a network with a HSCI password. The internet is working fine on my computer. The problem is, my roomate has a new Dell laptop running Windows XP with the built-in wireless. In the netwrk wireless settings screen, we can find my network and he can connect to it and then get an "excellent" signal with all of the green bars. But when he tries to open Internet Explorer it wont let him connect. I also have an older Toshiba laptop (Windows ME) with a D-Link wireless card. My iMac network also shows up on this computer, lets me connect to it with all of the green bars, but when I open mozilla, it says "The page could not be found. Check the name and try again." Is there something that I need to do on my iMac to allow the PC to work properly. I do not understand how on both computers, it can say that we have excellent wireless connections, but not let the internet function. Any advice? I would call Microsoft, but since they have a policy of charging customers for phone help, I guess I am out of luck.
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