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With a look and texture such as this, there are multiple steps to get it to look the way it looks. I was trying to find a single filter that would do the trick, but there really wasn't one on my computer. I was just creating the rounded rectangular shape, and then I played with creating a rough edged, sort of scratchy appearance with different filters. Then, create another just beneath it in order to have the layered look. Switch up the opacity a bit, and then transform the box into the directions that you're looking to have them appear. It's not perfect, but it worked in a matter of 5 or 6 steps. Or just use the magic wand tool on the Volcom graphic, select all and then change the selection to inverse. Drag it into a new file and then get rid of the graphic that you don't need. Build on that, obviously changing it to how you want it to look. I'm the king of short cuts man.
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