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I am a longtime computer user in general. At 51 years of age I started out computing when we were using punch cards and have used a multitude of platforms since then: Vax 11/780; ComputerVision; Intergraph, Commodore, Amiga, IBM etc. (yes and my daughter also reminds me that I walked 5 miles to school in three feet of snow, uphill both ways )

I wouldn't say that I 'changed over' to Mac a month ago, but did add it to my inventory strictly to do PhotoShop, which was locking up on my P4 system, and nothing else. However...the best of plans can go awry. I've now added Microsoft Office (Word/Powerpoint/Excel), all my Nikon viewer and loading software, my Canon 9950 scanner and have wireless connected to my P4.

Tell your friend about my case: a longtime PC user who found the Mac to be wonderfully adictive and fun to use. I use a PC almost all day at work and often dreaded doing anything at home due to burnout. I've found the Mac to easy to migrate to, use and effectively a good stress reliever. Much to my wife's delight who competed with me for the P4, I now almost exclusively use the Mac. There is quite a bit of software for the Mac as I am sure you have discovered.

I'll not knock the other platform, too much, but the Mac is the best multitasking platform I've every used, period. Best regards, MacNewby
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