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I posted this about a week ago and thought the problem was solved :

"Aight, so I've got this dual 2.5 gHz PowerMac G5, 4.5 GB of RAM running, and it's been fine for the past half a year.

Now all of a sudden last friday the Built-in-Ethernet is not showing up in the Network preferences. However it shows up in the Network Port Configurations and is CHECKED. I did everything from turn off and on the interface in the terminal and made sure the router I'm using has the latest firmware. I did everything at this Apple support page post :

I'm beyond estranged as to what could be causing this to happen. There were no power surges that could have damaged the computer, I made sure the PCI card was securely installed inside the computer. Any suggestions?"

Now here's the strange thing. I go in and reset the DSL modem and the router, and the built-in-ethernet card will show up, and internet will work.....however it is indefinite. The card keeps disappearing on an arbitrary basis. I went through and had it all working when I left my boss' studio last Wednesday, and I come back on Monday and it's not working again and my boss says it has gone out again. I have seen some posts on other places like such as this - this case they are saying it's an earlier model G5. Some other sources say that in the terminal, running "ifconfig eth0" or "ifconfig en0" is what will fix this, but have yet had any luck with that. I'm pretty dumbfounded by this so far. Any suggestions?
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