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Anyone using this program ? Am having a couple of weird problems with it on my machine. All previous versions worked just fine for me, but v2 is fairly much a useless program on my system for some reason.

1. The install dmg, DOES NOT INSTALL the program in my applications folder or anywhere else. When i run the install dmg it puts a open office icon in the doc. When you click that icon it opens x11 and puts v2 on the desktop. The next time you click on the icon in the doc it restarts the install dmg again and does the above. The program is not installed. This is crazy, but i could live with it except:

2. When i go to print it comes up with a box showing a "generic printer" and it will not print even though i have 2 printers hooked up to it. It doesn't show anything but "generic" and there is no way to choose another. All previous versions always showed and used my printers.

Outside of returning to an older version, which by the way does work, is there something i need to do to make version 2 work?

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