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Originally Posted by sirune
how many of you are left handed?
i'll start with myself, except my eating hand (being an asian) and my toothbrushing hand (the maid who taught me used her right hand) i'm predominantly left handed, writing, tennis, mouse- you name it.
the discussion is, only 10% of the entire population is left-handed, and i do find myself in sometimes inconvenient situations being a leftie. albeit trivial and menial issues, you wouldn't encounter them if you were a rightie.
take high school chairs with those folding tables for instance, i find myself really agitated coz i can't put my left elbow on something while writing.
then there's those books with the rings bindings, i have a bad handwriting, those things get in the way, its not getting any better :heh:
of course, there's also the mac keyboard, the ctrl, alt and cmd keys are located on the left side. i use the trackpad with my ibook, and i find myself struggling sometimes in photoshop shuffling my hands.
once again, maybe some of the little stuff..but its really inconvenient
I hated the folding desks in college - I tried to sit on the ends of the rows to get the left-handed chairs. Little bit of trivia for all who care: When I took figure drawing, one assumed that talent/skill in drawing came from how well one control the pencil with the writing hand, but it really depends the way a person perceives the subject. Example: one exercise was blind contour drawing: your utensil was to be kept on the page and you're unable to see what you're drawing, just watch your subject. Everyone realized that despite which hand you were using to draw with, the result was basically the same. One hand was just more accustomed to having a pencil in it.
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